Unsettling Paintings of Materialized Emotions by Ana Butnaru

Ana-Maria Butnaru is a painter based in Iassy, Romania. Her artworks, as dark as they might seem, bring to light a series of deep, thrilling and primal feelings – nothing with a hidden agenda, as we’ll find out later.

The artists’ paintings are mainly based on the human subconscious and its perpetual pursuit to reach out the surface. She says: “I want to feel that I gave life to an emotion, animated through shape, color, texture and ambiance. As long as this happens, it doesn’t matter how the painting looks at the end”.

Obvious manifestations of anxiety (or any other disorder, for that matter) and melancholia are some of her inspiration sources. All in all, a state of the calm before the storm keeps us in a constant restlessness by the time we’re done admiring her works. A glimpse of Hell, how I’d call it.

“Above form, content and appearance”, she further explains, “there is the affective side of my works – the imaginary world which grows with each image, and stays faithful to itself, uncompromised”

“Nothing symbolizes or has any other meaning besides that this is the manner in which my fantasy manifested”, the artist concludes.

Find more of Ana-Maria’s paintings on Behance and follow her on Instagram.


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