Two Romanian Painters Mock Nigel Farage’s Xenophobia Via Art Installation

Once, the ex-leader of UKIP and Brexit supporter Nigel Farage (this Donald Trump of UK) said in an interview for LBC Radio: “Any normal and fair-minded person would have a perfect right to be concerned if a group of Romanian people suddenly moved in next door”.

His political attitude towards immigrants and workers in United Kingdom determined Romanian artists Paul Hitter and Eugen Raportoru to come up with an installation to deconstruct and caricaturize his xenophobic  views.

The so-called “Nigel’s Dream” 3-pieces painting together with an open-letter directly addressed to the British politician could be considered a political manifesto and a warning signal for the dystopian vision UK’s public opinion has about Romanians and immigrants in general.

While the satyirical main idea of the art-concept couldn’t be more delicious (the paintings portray 2 Gipsy-Royal Guards who took over Buckingham Palace and turned it into a looney bin), it also cuts deeper into some  wounds that won’t seem to heal any time soon.


“The presence of Romanians in your country is the result of the demand of the British market. We are employed by your companies to work the jobs your young generation cannot handle professionally”, the Manifesto states. “This manifesto we present you, Mr. Farage, means nothing but a nightmare. The sort of nightmare that will prove itself a reality — of cultural and political bias, of social engineering gone seriously wrong, of an exclusionary and intolerant society that cannot educate its own people in the virtues of multiculturalism, tolerance, acceptance, inclusion, integration, civic education”.


The project will be exposed on September 7-th, 2016, at Kube Musette Gallery (Bucharest), starting 7 pm, and it will include the artworks, the open-letter and a making-of video projection.

More about “Nigel’s Dream” here and here.

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Romanian self-taught writer, based in Cyprus, interested in contemporary art, unconventional culture and gonzo journalism. Writing for almost a decade, he is agnostic, supports a censorship-free society and reads way less than he wants.

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