ROB TV. Two Guys Create Pseudo-Television To Satirize Romanian Church

In a society where morality is measured based on how many times you make out with a mummy during lifetime, churches pop up like mushrooms after rain and the patriarch drives his fancy-ass car, wears gold and velvet while preaching about modesty, a serious movement had to happen.

Eduard and Marius, the two guys from Addarta we talked with few months ago came up with an evil plan: a caricature imaginary television – ROB TV (in free translation, ‘Lord’s Servant TV’), which reportedly broadcasts made up news and tv-shows Romanian Church-related. Marius told me while having his breakfast: “ROB TV is an orthodox TV channel, with shows created for parishioners, with news, ‘cultural’ broadcasts, How To-s and so on”.

"Soon. In your lives! Ypu sinners!"

“Soon. In your lives! You sinners!”

“The series is actually an old idea of Eduard’s and we wanted to become reality even since we started Addarta project”, he says. “I wrote a play that I didn’t get to put on stage yet”, Eduard continues. “I decided to create the show to see people’s reaction first. I think is every artist’s duty to place a mirror in front of society and satirize it when the ridicule reaches its peak!”

The first photo-samples of ROB TV are out there. We can already see the ironic direction the show’s going to take. Priest names like Fățarnie (en. ‘Holy Willie’) or Impostarie (en. ‘Fraud’) are good clues to start with.

rob tv

The pilot episode of ROB TV will air on Monday, 7th of December. Until then, get your Holy Spirit ready for the first teaser, to-be-launched online tomorrow. Hollowed be thy name, ROB TV!

Photo: Addarta

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