Trying to Impress an Artist is Like Trying to Lick Your Elbow

A few days ago, I was doing some research for an article. I have found, somehow, on iStock, the account of Elena Viserzkaya (Kassandra), an Ukrainian visual artist. She’s a “master of photocompilation”, as she states with a great dose of modesty on her Facebook Page. And, well, she’s right.

I tried to start a dialog with her. Not only because I’m an artists-stalker, but also because after I browsed through all her photo-album, I almost needed to let her know that her art made me cry. Figuratively speaking. And I successfully failed at doing it, because after I gave her the ultimate declaration of love, she probably yawned and moved on.

Hello, Elena!

I just discovered your page, and your art, and your everything. I fell in love with it on the spot! I am speechless! I am in the situation of wanting to simply absorb your works with my whole body! To download into my brain all your photographs and to satisfy my eagerness! I’m sorry if this is too much!

I initially wanted to send you a message to propose a small interview for my website, but now I wouldn’t dare. Anyway, if you won’t reply, I just wanted you to know that you got a true fan today, an art lover.

Best, Daniel

Her reply:







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