I am very happy to describe Antonio‘s work every time I have the chance to. His observational skills and fascination with detail proved essential qualities for a photographer. Simply put, Truemantic is a solid combination of experimental, electronic music and photography. Still quite a powerful contrast between Toto Ronzulli‘s music and these sorrowful figures in Antonio’s photographs, but there something very emotional going on their works. As Toto states: ,,Truemantic is a tormented soul in which truth and love blend while my pale goth appearance hides a deep happiness.

Much of Antonio’s work is inspired by daily life, architecture or music. Truemantic series give the illusion that you can step into a horror, dark scenery; first it must draw you in and secondly it engages your imagination. I can only comment on my own experiences and I can’t declare myself an electronic fan music. But I still have those “wow” moments every now and then. These artists works just go completely hand-in-hand with creating a romantic, yet dramatic atmosphere.

My happiness was soaring when he asked me to take care of the photograph of this album. After a year of work I’m really proud and happy to announce the release of the Truemantic album. An album to which I have collaborated actively dedicating mind and soul as this project felt totally mine from the beginning. In the disc there are different nuances, between lo-fi and glitch, minimal and “maximal” electronic. The atmospheres are intimist and obscure, a cinematic work that looks at the melodies and the infinite repetition developing a dark-dramatic but also romantic mantra, says Antonio.

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All copyrights: Antonio Paradiso and Truemantic

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