Toni Mazuranic’s ‘Plastic Divas’ Criticizes Fashion Fake Perfectionism

Toni Mazuranic is a Croatian, Zagreb-based artist whose visually stunning painted collages touch both sensitive and taboo issues. One of the subjects is the perpetual pursuit of standardizing the women through plastic surgery and identity anihiliation for the sake of fashion.

According to Atelier Home Gallery (Italy), Mazuranic’s mind-bending pieces represent “a variety of themes related to the influence of popular media on women and contemporary beauty standards of Western society”. Her process is as complex as it can get. “She takes imagery directly from the world she is currently focused on – women’s and fashion magazines – altering the content through collage which is then turned into a painting”.




A collection of 14 artworks forming the “Plastic Divas” series will be exhibited on September 17th at Atelier Home Gallery (Trieste), being available for visit until November 5th. This will be the first show of the Croatian artist in Italy (she’s previously exhibited in Cleveland, Sao Paolo and Zagreb) and it is curated by Matilde Tiriticco.

Find more about Toni Mazuranic here. Check also the art gallery’s website.

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