“Tom Tom”: A Story About Holy Fuck And Romanians

Holy Fuck! This guys made a video in Romania, after they had a nap for about six years. Back in February, Holy Fuck announced a new album called “Congrats”. Well, congrats! The video… It is a brief description of life at East of Europe, but in a funnier manner, without much mockery. Not much, but quite obvious. In another train of thoughts this video, as a form of art, has a tons of professional notes and sublime touches. 

As a press release, Holy Fuck shared a statement from director Michael Leblanc regarding the video, which tell us the whole story :

“Brian and I decided to shoot the video in Romania so we could cast authentic people in a unfamiliar setting. I wanted to shoot most of the scenes when the sky was just about to fade and use as much natural light as possible. This helped with the surreal style I was trying to create. Though…we did end up using a few lights and a homemade dolly we built in Romania with wheels I ordered from the US.

I was lucky to have my Romanian friend Miruna Soiu who helped produce/translate and her husband Ian Mcgettigan who’s one of my best friends who helped with all things including being the dolly grip and doing most of the driving. Myself, the two of them and my girlfriend Erika Lobko who’s a local set designer from Toronto flew over. There we found our two main characters and now friends Marius Staicu senior and his son Marius. They were perfect in every way. Everything I had hoped for and way more really. Casting was really fun as we just walked around Zărnești and asked people if they’d like to be in a music video. We shot most of the video in Sirnia a small village near Brașov where both Ian and Miruna had once stayed. It was through their contacts that we were able to do this video. Without them and Erika who ended up operating on many shots the video would have never been made. Miruna’s wonderful Aunt Iona cooked us traditional Romanian meals every day and woke up really early every morning and lit the heaters to make sure we were warm and cozy.

I’m also very lucky to have Daniel Bochenski edit from School Editing and Clinton Homuth color from Alter Ego. They both did amazing work and I appreciate the support!”

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