Thy Veils’s “Timeshards” Embraces a Universal, Complex Peace (Exclusive Song)

I never thought I could re-find myself in electronic music and this is not about my personal taste, not at all, but about feelings. Art, as I said every time I had the chance to, regardless of its form, shape or the like, it’s about feeling. Thy Veils induces a state of inner peace through their music which seems somehow to exceed the boundaries of what we used to call music. I don’t know if I made myself clear enough, but I will explain right away.

Timeshards” is a composition, an instrumental version, soon to be presented in two other versions, including vocals on “Neoradiant“. 

Now let’s get back to more explanations. I think we can refer to a good music when that composition connects you with the Universe and embraces a universal peace. It’s a Universe your own mind successfully creates through an interesting game. A complex matter I’d say. It’s actually amazing that this song enters your entire human being as if it was meant to be written for you. It’s interesting, isn’t it?

We’re going to a place
Suspended light comes through you
encircled by the sun
the sea of renewal (from “Timeshards” lyric version)

I’ve been documenting about this project for a long time now and I tried to understand (it’s not easy to understand things you find simple) not just the music, but the main idea and where this is supposed to go. So I came to realize there’s this peaceful, soft and dreamy silence in music and that Thy Veils plays their music behind this silence. A continuous paradox. It’s always refreshing and provocative to find new Thy Veils songs, so stay tuned for more enlightenment.

In other news, “Timeshards” prepares us for what is about to come on “Neoradiant”; a song full of light and many answers as well. With every song released, Daniel Dorobantu tries to reconcile you with what he named “Neoradiant“.

Exclusively for Cultartes: Timeshards on Bandcamp

from Neoradiant, track released January 9, 2018 
produced by Daniel Dorobantu 
mixing, mastering: Attila Lukinich

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