A Three-Minute Endurance Test: Summer’s Puke is Winter’s Delight

After eating a bunch of green beans, it’s not such a good idea to watch this animated music video. It’s definitely a three-minute endurance test. Born in Tokyo in 1990, director Sawako Kanuki worked for a porn video company, after graduating Graphic Design from Tama Art University. I honestly can’t tell what the heck she was thinking about while directing this, but you’ll hear a stammering dialog and the sound of a woman throwing up. I almost did myself.

Painful events become memories over time. Still. we vomit and eat again.
Life is Eco.

Overall this is a really fucked up video, a woman eating too much then throwing up and then runs off to have sex with a man who force feeds her and it all repeats. It’s quite disturbing, but you can picture the whole thing about stuffs women do for their lovers (here getting skinny). You tell me, because I have no idea!

Director: Sawako Kabuki

Music: Seinosuke Saeki

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