This is what we deserve. Interview with Jan Platek (We Deserve This)

Baldo, Cultartes: Hello! Can you tell us when it appeared or what was the first impulse that made you start this project?

Jan Platek: I`m making music for almost 25 years now. I started as a drummer and I played in different bands. When you play the drums, you are not really involved in the songwriting process. It was always the guitar player or the bass player who came up with a kind of song idea and my part was only to add some rhythms to the songs. So I decided to play guitar and I learned very quickly how to write songs with a hookline and as a result, I started singing to my own compositions (in a very bad way). At this time, I discovered the instrumental rock scene (or so called post rock) and I found out, that it`s a beautiful way to create music without saying/singing a single word. It was exactly what I searched for. Bands like Mogwai and If These Trees Could Talk gave me a completely new kind of inspiration. That was the start of We Deserve This. Back in 2010 I recorded my first demos under that name and if you search hard enough you can find these very bad sounding demos on the totally „out-of-fashion“ myspace page. I love to work alone in the studio, recording is like a long vacation for me. My normal day job is sound and light technician – so I think that I know how to record, mix and master my songs on my own without any help from other people. I`m my own „dictator“ without any discussion about song structure or length or something like that. So, the impulse was the „I want to write songs on my own“ thing.

Is your music a reverie in a constant transformation?

Yeah, I think so. Reverie is what it`s all about. If you can`t dream, you never can expand your creative vision and your music/art will always stay the same. Transformation is progress.

If you were asked, how do you think a film with We Deserve This soundtrack would look like? Can you imagine a scene, for the sake of art?

I think it would be a very sad film with some kind dramatic climax but no happy ending. It would probably play in some arctic region with lots of nature, snow and night shots. My music is dark and I guess the film would be a black and white film – no colorful blockbuster.

Do you think the environment has any influence on what we create? I mean, is art, in your case, your music, torn from everyday life or it’s more like a simple act of imagination, a creative routine?

I think it`s a bit of everything you mentioned. I mean, my life is great, I have an awesome wife and two cute kids and my family life is not as dark or sad like my music is. I`m a „post-rock daddy“ and sometimes I can`t believe what kind of music comes directly out of my mind. We all have gone through harder times in our lives, or not? Every life has its ups and downs….maybe my biggest inspiration comes from the sad and depressive times in my life. So, I think imagination is a important way to create something but there is no „creative routine“. Imagine the „bad times“ is probably the best way to create music.

I think you’ve heard something about Romania, things more or less important. Is there one thing that would make you visit our country?

Interesting question… I would love to visit as many countries as possible. I`ve been there as a child one time. That was the time when Serbia was called Yugoslavia. I visited the black sea with my parents. Romanian childhood memories… I would love to visit Bucharest again. It`s a beautiful city.

If it hadn’t been for music, would you’ve seen yourself practicing your creative act in other areas? Literature, painting, film!

I probably would try my best as a photographer. I love taking photos. I love black and white photography. I think if it hadn´t been for music I would work as a photographer for sure…

Do you have any hobbies, let’s say, more unusual? Do you cook? Or play football?

I`m unable to cook and I`m a really bad football player. I`m a vinyl collector and I love it to search for rarities or limited colored versions in record stores. I only collect new records not second hand or oldies. My favorite genre is Post-Rock, Rock (with vocals), Post-Classical and Electronic stuff. I also enjoy riding my longboard on the streets of my hometown with some good music on my headphones.

Is there room for dreaming, in this pragmatic world?

There is of course a room for dreaming. If you don`t dream you don`t live – that`s my opinion. Dreams are very important even though there isn`t much time for it. You have to take your „dreaming minutes“ every day.

Does the advance technology represent a step beyond measure in music?

I really don`t know…All I can say is that technology makes it much more easier to create music without playing any instrument or even know any note. Everyone can make music today in a really good quality. If this is good or bad? I don`t know. There are apps for smartphones and with these apps you can produce awesome sounding dance tunes with presets of every instrument you can imagine. You don`t need to be a creative person at all, you can just make music by pushing pads and buttons. If you like it, go with it. I`m better in playing guitar and create something with my mind and my own fingers. But, these apps are kind of funny…

Do you see a perfect place, a suitable landscape, where We Deserve This music would feel the greatest?


What artist, regardless of its area of activity would you like to collaborate with? Why?

I would love to collaborate with Francesco Berta, Nils Frahm or Ben Sharp (Cloudkicker). These artists are a huge influence for me even though you can`t really figure it out in my songs. These three guys are so creative and listening to their music always gives me chills.

Do you think there’s still freedom?

No. I don`t want to explain it, but I think there is and never was some kind of freedom.

What is love? How would look like if it had a human face?

Love would look like a happy smiling face with one eye closed and tears running out of the other open eye.

What is the passage of all those you have heard, seen and read so far, which you can say that impressed you to another level?

The birth of our daughter was the most impressive moment in my whole life and I remember every second of this special day back in december 2013. It was so overwhelming. No thoughts or worries – just my wife and our daughter on her first day on earth. I never felt like this before and I probably never will feel like this again. I`m so thankful for this day. If you want to reach another higher level – become a father.

If the Universe would decide to start over again, what’s the We Deserve This song would be the right one?

Chrystalline Lens (from Silencer)

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