The Struggle Between Orgasm and Demonic Possession in “Penny Dreadful” (Spoilers)

I’ll be short, because I’ll come back on the whole series later. First of all, “Penny Dreadful” is an amazing TV show. And I recommend it with all my bloody cut-in-half heart. It has suspense, it’s gothic as Poe’s chest hair and it’s revealing, on purpose, an image of the sensational, creepy, trashy and murdery London at the end of 19-th century. And it also features Vanessa Ives, a badass mysterious medium with a dark past and great boobs.

In the following scene, Vanessa (Eva Green) is humping the skinny ass, though ridiculously charming, Dorian Gray (yeah, you heard me!), when suddenly she is being possessed by this ancient Egyptian powerful demon, just a moment before she’s about to come. Or maybe she’s coming when the she-demon penetrates her soul. We don’t know.


What we do know is that the scene is simply amazing itself. The idea of the two highly antagonistic and sacred emotions (orgasm vs. demonic possesion) occuring at the same time, struggling and fighting for Vanessa’s soul and body, is more than a movie scene; it’s a damn philosophical turn-on. Eva Green’s acting is astonishing. Her wasted and passionate motions, her inner ado and face expressions bind together a strong feeling of pleasure and horror at once, which, by me, is nearly impossible to accomplish.

Sure, this is not the only one scene where Eva acts like that (see the glass table crashing one!). But this one was awesome enough to make me write this post. Which means a lot, believe me (I’m a lazy person).

Photo via Penny Dreadful Movie Screen

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