The ‘Rabbit Hole’ Exists And It’s Been Discovered in A Romanian City

The rabbit-hole went straight on like a tunnel for some way, and then dipped suddenly down, so suddenly that Alice had not a moment to think about stopping herself before she found herself falling down a very deep well.” – Alice in Wonderland, Chapter 1

Remember Alice in Wonderland? The Wonderland’s ‘hallway’ was this deep tunnel Alice fell in after chasing the rabbit. The so-called Rabbit Hole. It turns out that after one century and a half Lewis Carroll imagined it, some guys made it come true in the Romanian city of Iasi.

The place was perfectly chosen – ‘Stefan cel Mare’ Galleries. Even though we hear about artistic events or concerts happening there once in a while, the ‘galleries’ part in the name can be misleading, while there’s just a library on the 2-nd floor and a bunch of night clubs down the basement. People are actually using the other more popular name – ‘The Cube’ – which, in fact, has nothing to do with the place. It’s just, there’s this useless huge metal cube nearby, where people hang up advertise from time to time.

The place used to look really creepy until a couple of years ago, when some guys decided to paint the already famous circular stairs’s bars in different colours, in order to bring some joy in the infamous place where people come at night fresh and clean, and get out drunk and filthy.

Colorful stairs
Colorful stairs

The small change had some serious effect at the time. The dark sinister hole became, obviously, more colorful and alive, which started to give you some sort of comfort. The colorful stairs were just a sign of what the place could have become. What I spontaneously imagined as Alice’s Rabbit Hole it’s been completed the other days with an unexpected lawn layer. Lawn in an underground environment!? WHAAAT.

Oh, Wow!
Oh, Wow!

Can you imagine that? You’re walking on the street one evening and see the huge ugly metal cube. You’re thinking ‘hey, I could go down for a drink!’. You enter the gallery and see the colorful stairs. You get down, get down, get down… And that’s it. You just stepped on grass. Now, it’s your decision. You can stay there, camping or having a strange picnic, sharing a joint while looking through the dirty glass ceiling or having sex in that diffuse light, preferably without people around. Or you can choose one of the bars to get wasted, that’s your call.

Not one single fuck was given!
Not one single fuck was given!

Even though people already put the lawn to use, hanging around, lounging all over the place, socializing, ‘The Rabbit Hole’ is not for everybody. Some say it’s not long-lasting, which might be true. But maybe it’s not supposed to last, because wonders never do.

Photos: LUNO, Lorena Ana

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