Cultartes Features The Gore Alternative Reality of Painter Khary Darby

Khary J. A. Darby (36) is a Jamaican painter with a sweet-tooth for ritualistic gore nudity and raw, natural atmosphere. Schooled at Edna Manley College of the Visual Arts, Darby has quite a resumé: 9 worth-to-mention exhibitions in the past few years, important awards and other achievements as well (he’s been the Curatorial Assistant of the National Gallery of Jamaica for 2 years, until 2009).

His artworks picture pain and mortality in a more peaceful way, as a form of inner fulfillment. His western art-influenced, prevalent brown paintings, are the result of more than 15 years of activity and they build a collection of delirious faces of impermanence and decay.

(c) via Artist's Facebook page

(c) via Artist’s Facebook page

“History of the world has given birth to an almost universal atmosphere of uncertainty and psychic exposure. This decomposition presents a clearing for me- this is a fissure in consciousness, a place where images can emerge”, the artists explains.

Khary Darby’s paintings bring to life an alternative reality where models become unique pieces in a gigantic cosmogony puzzle. His artistic influences go way back to the roots of his native environment and history, with a traditional predilection for ritual and sacrifice, embedding both vegetal and animal regnums into some sort of human desecration process.

(c) Khary Darby, 'After Eden'

(c) Khary Darby, ‘After Eden’

(c) Khary Darby, 'Alpha &Omega'

(c) Khary Darby, ‘Alpha &Omega’

(c) Khary Darby, 'Amor Vincit'

(c) Khary Darby, ‘Amor Vincit’

The second-reality, the multiperspectivist truth and the real meaning of humanity in our times are few of Darby’s final concerns, as described in his artist statement: “I want to argue for painting as a means of elaborating an alternative real. A real constructed to reflect a more fundamental and mysterious brand of truthfulness – a subjective truth. In the end we may discover, that what we dredge up are mere figments – instincts and obsessions that both confirm and collapse our expectations about what it means to be human in the twenty first century”.

(c) Khary Darby, 'Tisiphone'

(c) Khary Darby, ‘Tisiphone’

(c) Khary Darby, 'Momento Mori'

(c) Khary Darby, ‘Momento Mori’

(c) Khary Darby, 'Fortuna'

(c) Khary Darby, ‘Fortuna’

(c) Khary Darby, 'From the Crucifixion Trilogy'

(c) Khary Darby, ‘From the Crucifixion Trilogy’

Follow the artist on his Facebook page. More artworks on his website.

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