The Cruelty of Her Beauty

Simone Ridi is an artist based in Firenze, Italy. His art is a photographic study of the flesh and the lusts that have arisen from it. He’s trying to intrigue you through a hypnotizing eroticism and I think he succeeds. At least to me it has this effect! Simon is a very talented guy, there’s no doubt, a guy who has photography in the blood and for a not so-well-fancier stranger like me, this is a very obvious fact. Let’s finish this tedious talk and see what it’s all about! 

Photography is something that has attracted me since I was small, something not at all linked to my passion for literature, that then grows and matures until it evolves into a style, a search, an ongoing experimentation. – Simone

In my shots you can see bodies, individuals in private moments or in apparently incomprehensible actions, in paradoxical situations; in a light that reveals all the weaknesses of the flesh. – Simone

All images by (c) Simone Ridi

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