The 5th Edition of Hangariada, The Romanian Festival Combining Art and Flight Adrenalin, Has Been Announced

Hangariada is probably one of the most weird festivals happening in Romania, in the last few years. It simultaneously features artistic movements, including open-air live concerts, theatre and other unconventional cultural activities, with the passion for, well,… airplanes and parachutes. And that’s not even the most twisted fact about the whole thing.

Each one of the three days of the festival will be odd in its own sort of way. “Each day will have at least one artsy extraordinary element. The adrenalin lovers will have the oportunity to perform skydiving and other aircraft tricks at low costs”, the festival organizers announce.

The Hangariada Festival will take place for three days (15, 16 and 17) in May, at the “Alexandru Matei” Aerodrome of Iasi, Romania. During the day the access at the event will be free, though, you’ll have to get a ticket for the late-night activities.

You can find more details on the official website, or on Facebook Page (or Event Page).


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