brain records

Brain Records by Alexandra Crisbășan (LXXVII)

[:en] Brain Records is a project representing the ghosts of language which linger and how your brain selects them, influenced by your personality, your experience in life, the things you know, fear, everything which composes your being. The things you’ve heard with which you wake up in the morning, the […]

Irina Gache

Freya in The Garden of Soul (Ep 9)- Photo & Text by Irina Gache

[:en]              Freya in the Garden of Soul is an episode-based surrealist novel that I decided to publish online as I go along with the writing process. It focuses on the journey of a character named Freya in the realms of the unconscious where she meets and interacts with different phantasmagorical […]

Irina Gache – Sink At The Bottom of Oceans And Seas

[:en] Irina Gache has a way to expose through photography and writing, things which are close to what is buried and repressed within people. Things close to their darkness and the inner child which we all have and choose to lock up as we age. We lock him up somewhere […]