NSFW or Can’t-Miss Illustrations by Claire Milbrath

If you’ve never visited ARDOROUS then you’re kinda missing out. Petra Collins is the maniac behind this art collective for women. But we’re not going to talk about her. Claire Milbrath (one of those women) has caught our eye, a freelance artists living in Montreal,QC. Vulgar, addicting, not safe for work, badass illustrations. Do you need […]

Sophie Kahn and The Fragmented Women.

Sophie Kahn is probably the only artist who sees the women like a fragmented muse. She merged new technology with old to haunting effect in her sculptures of incomplete women. The absences in these figures is what makes them so arresting. The elements that are represented are death-like in their pallor and stillness. Kahn’s fragmented women give […]

Lepage’s Photography Deconstructs Women’s Portraits Using Picasso’s Cubism

Jean-François Lepage is a photographer who can easily be considered a painter, due to his working methods. I would compare without any reservations his powerful pictures to Picasso’s cubist masterpieces. The way he cuts the lines directly through the subject’s face or body, the unexpected contrasts between warm and cold tones. As Lepage states on […]