Cristian Crisbășan, Photographer: “I Don’t Have Time To Waste Time”

The author of some clear, clean, honest and strong photographs, the lector of “Vama Under Oscar Light’s” (VSLO) nude workshop. Cristian was published by TACHEN, in “The New Erotic Photography (2007) and “The Big Book of Pussy (2011). He was also published by LOFT Publications in “Nude Photography” (2010), having published his own nude photography […]

Brittany Markert (“In Rooms”): “Photography Is My Vitality”

A couple of months ago I contacted Brittany, proposing an interview, which she agreed on right away. The incredible photographer and actress based in Brooklyn (NY) succeeded to turn off my superficial, almost childish visions of art fetishism and eroticism. Just after repeatedly reading the interview I realized how little I know, as an outsider […]