The Poetry Brothel and their unearthly world (III)

The Poetry Brothel the creative “Cirque du Freak” from America and continuously extending to Europe. We talked about what the Poetry Brothel is in the first article and continued with a presentation of members within the second article. Their movement introduces you to a part of the world which you can find mostly only in […]

VSLO – The Most Complex Visual Arts Festival in Romania

In august 2010 the first edition of VSLO (Vama Under Oscar Lights) was taking place. From a simple photography festival, it became an international visual arts festival, which for one week each year, brings in Vama Veche, creators from around the world. I’ve been going every year since edition three. At first, I was just […]

“Emotion In Motion” – The Rebirth of Instant Photography

I was born early enough to know what a Polaroid is, but too late to understand what’s it all about. From the rather vague memories of my childhood, I managed to select a few interesting ones, I managed to keep some of them fresh. One of those memories is about a few youngsters who used […]

Eric Lacombe – Underworld Delicacy

Eric Lacombe’s work is concentrated on exorcising the material side of humans, on ripping off the flesh to gaze inside the darkest corners of the human mind. Melancholy mixed with sadness, anxiety and fear, are primary emotions of exploit. The creation of this self-taught painter is to me an underworld delicacy, because I think that […]

Brett Walker – Speaking Through Photographs, Not Words

Somewhere around a week ago, I wrote to Brett Walker, with the hopes of writing this article. I asked him to tell me a few things about himself, about his “accomplishments” within the art field, generally what does he have to say about himself as a creator, a photographer and as a person, so I could […]

Visual Crafter Turns Old Sneakers into Pieces of Art

Alexandra Lefter studied at “Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University of Iaşi. Now she’s using her artistic and crafting skills in order to create art from old used shoes. The sneakers are restored with nice designs, innovative textures and images inspired by native and pop culture. The most interesting of the renewed pairs of shoes are those featuring […]