Rob Stanley and his creative migraines

We found a new way to sort out submissions – asking artists “outrageous” questions. Those who answer, get featured, those who don’t… Alexandra Crisbășan: Have you suffered any traumatic events which made you create the way you do? If so, give an example. If not, tell me where does this insanity come from? Rob Stanley: […]

What does it mean to be a rookie in the visual art field in Romania? (II)

Last time, I wrote about the first things you need, if you want to start your journey within the art field, passion and talent. Today, I will write about the other two categories, courage and work and a flexible and responsible spirit. I marked a few points about the last two categories in the previous […]

These Pictures of a Carbonized-Like Model Are Fucking Gorgeous

Romanian photographer Adrian Anechitoaie, model Saga Sux (Ana-Maria Fulga), make-up artist Yona Mogan and visual artist Andreea Macovei teamed up for a stunning photoshoot for PAVOT Gallery. The product campaign – fashion related, most likely – is not released yet, so we can’t assume much about it. All we’ve got are some visual pearls, used […]

‘Double-Blind No. 1’. Short Incursion Into The Seductive Human Subconscious

Double-Blind No.1 from The Double-Blind Experiments on Vimeo. *Exhales* Yep! That’s a hell of a video. The surreal experiment put together by a handful of artists self-named The Double-Blind Experiments reveals the infinite universe of the human subconscious and, apparently, the unexpected variety of activities and profiles a goat can be used at. “Double-Blind No. 1“, is […]

Klimt: Sex Sells Well, No Matter the Century

I am not even going to mention the titles that sell so well in nowadays’ cinemas and bookstores. You all know what I’m talking about. If not, let me give you a hint: it’s all about kinky sex. Yes, the dark side of eroticism, those taboo’s we’re interested in and yet want to keep them […]

Morgvus – The Celestial BDSM Illustrations of Chris Devour

Some visual projects are beyond imagination. As Morgvus, this relatively old project of Chris Devour, a project that apparently is brought back to life. We’ve already met Chris, the inspired photographer whose incapacity of perceiving colors turned him into some kind of a super-photographer, by leading the black and white art to a whole new […]

Triste ou Magnifique. Daniel Reuber

Sad or Beautiful. Triste ou Magnifique. We talk about a series of photographs taken by Daniel Reuber. For the purpose of shooting the series, Daniel travelled to Iceland and searched for the most beautiful shots. Beyond this, it is also a visual experiment characterized by its hardly underexposed images. That’s why the series is called like […]

Trying to Impress an Artist is Like Trying to Lick Your Elbow

A few days ago, I was doing some research for an article. I have found, somehow, on iStock, the account of Elena Viserzkaya (Kassandra), an Ukrainian visual artist. She’s a “master of photocompilation”, as she states with a great dose of modesty on her Facebook Page. And, well, she’s right. I tried to start a dialog with […]