The Poetry Brothel and their unearthly world (III)

The Poetry Brothel the creative “Cirque du Freak” from America and continuously extending to Europe. We talked about what the Poetry Brothel is in the first article and continued with a presentation of members within the second article. Their movement introduces you to a part of the world which you can find mostly only in […]

The Poetry Brothel and Their Unearthly World (II)

Continuing the “saga” of The Poetry Brothel, in this second article we will talk about, the so-called “poetry whores”. In the previous article, I said that they remind me of a book series written by Darren Shan, about a freak show which mixes the abnormal with the paranormal. I wrote about the management and presented […]

The Poetry Brothel and Their Unearthly World

The Poetry Brothel reminds me of Darren Shan’s book series “The Darren Shan Saga” in which the main action takes place within (as the title of the first book says) a “Cirque du Freaks”. What caught my attention when I read the books was, how the author mixed anomalies with paranormal powers. The story’s main […]