Interview with Focu’, Romanian Tattooist, Model and BDSM Activist in London

Tudor Viorel Chelsoi (aka Focu’) is a 27 years old Romanian artist based in London, UK. The easier it is to talk about him, the more difficult it is to actually catalogue his entire activity. Focu’ is a tattoo artist and body-piercer, model by choice, BSDM dominator by fate and even photographer in his spare […]

Mihai Florin Liviu, Tattoo-Artist: “The Thirst for Culture is a Need, not a Necessity!”

I talked to Mihai Florin Liviu, a tattoo-artist from Iasi, with about 14 years experience in this field. He started to practice as most of tattoo-artists do – with photocopier ink and a home-made tattoo-machine – technique he is very respectful for, considering it some kind of a “sacred”, original age for him! The tattoo images he found […]