“Voyeurography & Magical Realism”: New Pictorial by Suzana Pleșca

By definition, the oxymoronic expression of magical realism “tells its stories from the perspective of people who live in our world and experience a different reality from the one we call objective”. This, along with the nice wordplay of voyeurography are the signs that predict the idea of the following pictorial. For this new photoshoot, the kinky-visioned, […]

New ‘Kinky-Erotic’ Photos From Artist Suzana Pleșca (II)

Well, I guess no coffee today, since I’m already up due to this new series of gorgeous and generous pictures. The new shots of Suzana Pleșca, one of Cultartes’ most welcomed artists features now beautiful Kitty Rea and a bed where she can curl and purr in all her splendor. While less brutal than artist’s previous […]

Watch ‘Didi’, New Video by Suzana Pleșca

Some mornings are a made just for this. Suzana Pleșca, Romanian visual artist, photographer for VICE Romania and guest on Cultartes just released a new video featuring Bucharest-based singer (Chaos Cult) and model Manuela Diana (also known as Didi or Diana M. Rose). The 2 and a half minutes video it’s a delicious treat to […]