Freya in The Garden of Soul (ep 3)- Photo & Text by Irina Gache

Freya in the Garden of Soul is an episode-based surrealist novel that I decided to publish online as I go along with the writing process. It focuses on the journey of a character named Freya in the realms of the unconscious where she meets and interacts with different phantasmagorical characters that challenge her sense of […]

Nikolina Petolas: “I Merge Photographs With Other Things So It Would Make Sense To Me”

Narnia meets Inception in this series of incredible photo-manipulations. Nikolina Petolas is a Croatian conceptual artist and photographer whose outwordly, mind-bending works give us a glimpse into her most deep daydreams and nightmares. She uses her own photographs and other (sometimes oddly unexpected) elements in order to modelate a world in her image. As she […]

Pierre Fudarylí Teases You With A Short Video-Portfolio Called ‘Prelude’

Mexican photographer Pierre Fudarylí released a video which features some of his most iconic works. The brief video portfolio was created in such way that it brings the best of his surrealist-erotic artworks to life. The video was produced by musician and designer Carlos Perucini and it’s called ‘Prelude’. The interesting thing is that it does feel […]

Watch the New Dreamlike Music Video of Adanowsky Starring Stoya

Adan Jodorowsky (Adanowsky) is a French musician and director, but is more commonly known for being the son of the famous author, director and spiritual guru Alejandro Jodorowsky (The Holy Mountain, Santa Sangre). His new surreal music video – “Would You Be Mine” starrs the beautiful porn actress Stoya (if you don’t watch porn, you might […]