NO machina sau punk românesc

Suntem destul de răzvrătiți nu-i așa? Zburăm din țară-n țară ca să putem fi pe cont propriu acasă. Ne destupăm la minte doar când suntem asupriți sau când nu găsim cale de întoarcere. Ne adaptăm, supraviețuim, fie că vorbim de mașini înmatriculate în Bulgaria sau a fi freelancer. Nu ne mai punem baze, suntem pregătiți […]

Embrace The “No Censorship” Spirit of Al Visuals Photography

Alex a.k.a AL Visuals is a talented photographer from Iasi, Romania, teaching us how to embrace the skin and the clothes we live in. As he states, his style of photographing has different shades, approaches and perspectives of human expressiveness in an environment without censorship. Characterised by fluid movement, a gloomy color palette and great […]

This Is Not A Love Song, Part. IX: Debbie Harry (Blondie)

This is not a love editorial. Somehow, this wants to be a sort of an introduction into another world, where, love exists, don’t worry, but, in other forms, more rudimental, more vivid, more natural, without that tricks you are seeing, daily, on TV or which airs on the Radio Station, tender and sweet and namby-pamby shity songs. To be short, we are […]