Intimate Photographs of Women Practicing Their Arts

Romanian photographer Ionel Onofras (Onofrash) is capturing young women practicing their favourite arts: music, painting, dancing, acting or others. The artist is giving new perspectives to a variety of themes, such as etno photography or wildlife, and even religion, but he’s mostly focused on illustrating feminity in all its splendor. Most of his artworks depict […]

Romanian Artist Combines Portraits and Still-Life Techniques in These Faceless Installations

Still-Life -A painting or drawing of an arrangement of objects, typically including fruit and flowers and objects contrasting with these in texture, such as bowls and glassware (definition by OxfordDictionaries) Alexandra Corneanu is a Romanian photographer and videographer from Iasi, who explores the psychological intimate perspectives of the visual works. She’s mostly interested in photography and installation, combining them in order to reveal the truth. “The visual art projects I approach […]