We Singing Colors Launched New Single & Video – ‘Bridal Hands’

We Singing Colors launched Bridal Hands, the first single from the upcoming album. The song was released with a video filmed in some of the oldest mountains in Romania. Macin Mountains were the perfect setting: “We wanted a variety of landscapes, to feel it as a journey. The guys we worked with came up with […]

Fresh on Cultartes! Listen to The New Navy Blue’s Single ‘Alice’

Navy Blue is more than a recent project. They even released a single. Alice. And if you think about Alice in Wonderland, well, you’re not that far from the truth. It’s a musical journey with lot of intrigue and interesting passages. I would have like to listen to more and more of it. That’s what […]

The Newest “Fine, It’s Pink” Single Gives You the Chills

Am ascultat azi noua melodie a trupei indie din Iași, Fine, It’s Pink. Când am făcut-o, în jur s-a făcut brusc răcoare și ceață, ca-n sosirea Dementorilor lui Rowling. Un cântec ca o tânguire de toamnă. O statuie nud, tocită, la marginea unei păduri veștede și pustii. O sirenă pierdută de cârdul ei și care […]