Embrace The “No Censorship” Spirit of Al Visuals Photography

Alex a.k.a AL Visuals is a talented photographer from Iasi, Romania, teaching us how to embrace the skin and the clothes we live in. As he states, his style of photographing has different shades, approaches and perspectives of human expressiveness in an environment without censorship. Characterised by fluid movement, a gloomy color palette and great […]

Léa Seydoux through New York in Men’s Clothes is the Most Beautiful Thing

There are three things that should keep you in front of your desktop, if not impress you: because I’m an envious woman I’ll tell you about the musical momentum (Sparklehouse – It’s A Woderful Life) chosen by Glen Luchford, the short-film creator. Then, of course, Léa’s natural beauty. Thing is, the “New York flash” is actually […]

A Dark Lady made me discover Saltillo’s weird music

A local illustrator so-called Eellie made this teaser-ish wannabe clip about a dark lady. Basically, the short-movie features a fine sexy young woman who smokes and walks around wearing Cat-Woman’s leather boots. But of course, it’s something more than that, and maybe the artist will keep working on it until it turns into something bigger. I guess […]

What To Do If Something Doesn’t Work at First?

Aparent, începi să faci tracțiuni! Ei, nici chiar. „Dacă nu-ți iese din prima” (If at first you don t succeed) este un scurt-metraj de aproape 4 minute care, deși este prezentat într-o formulă alb-negru, rece și parțial pesimistă, are o morală cel puțin optimistă. Keep trying! Hit something if that is what it takes! But […]

“Disturbia”, de Jeff Bark

Fotograful și filmmaker-ul new-yorkez Jeff Bark ne încântă cu o scurtă și stranie poveste realizată pentru Dazed & Confused. O combinație extravagantă între spiritul aristocrat al secolului al XVIII-lea și înclinațiile artistice ale lui Bark către macabru. Sau mai bine spus, o amestecătură între Marie Antoinette și The Walking Dead.