Watch “Idol”, a First Stop-Motion Film by Manuel Cojocaru

Manuel Cojocaru’s first short-film – “Idol” –  is a stop-motion about violence, cruelty, desperation and the tireless search for help in a higher force. For a first film, the black and white, experimental montage manages to deliver a symbolic, terrifying experience, to say the least. Ritualistic, primordial concepts like rebirth, omnipotence and fertility are hidden […]

Marco Brambilla’s “Celluloid” Short Film is a Painting in Motion

Celluloid, the new short movie directed by Marco Brambilla, and produced by Artjail is basically a black and white painting in motion. Or a hardcore .gif, if you will. The whole procedure that underlie the 2:30 movie can be synthesized into one single word: degradation. We’ve talked before about the creative destruction, a concept that […]

Camerakiri – Art Is Gonna Kill Us!

“Camerakiri” is a 2 minutes short-film, realized by Ligia Prodan, a young Romanian director and producer. The film has been launched two months ago, during Atelierul de Film LET’S GO DIGITAL! 2014 from Cluj and it was recently selected for public projection at Filmul de Piatra Festival 2014, which will take place this weekend in Piatra-Neamț, […]