ROB TV. Two Guys Create Pseudo-Television To Satirize Romanian Church

In a society where morality is measured based on how many times you make out with a mummy during lifetime, churches pop up like mushrooms after rain and the patriarch drives his fancy-ass car, wears gold and velvet while preaching about modesty, a serious movement had to happen. Eduard and Marius, the two guys from […]

A New (and Misleading) Replica of St. George and The Dragon Graffiti Pops-Up

After the original scene picturing the St. George and The Dragon has been painted-over, I blamed the Romanian Church and the authorities who (curiously) lend an ear to Church’s useless opinions. Later after, I’ve found out that none of these two gave the order to destroy the artifact, but the actual creators erased it in […]

Internet Responds to Bucharest St. George Graffiti Paint-Over Actions

In Romania it’s completely legit for the Church to paint over a graffiti in order to send us back in Middle Ages. If you still had your doubts that we’re a theistic nation, now you’ve got your damned proof. The fact that in 2015 priests don’t pay any forms of specific kind of taxes as they’re the […]