Interview with Focu’, Romanian Tattooist, Model and BDSM Activist in London

Tudor Viorel Chelsoi (aka Focu’) is a 27 years old Romanian artist based in London, UK. The easier it is to talk about him, the more difficult it is to actually catalogue his entire activity. Focu’ is a tattoo artist and body-piercer, model by choice, BSDM dominator by fate and even photographer in his spare […]

The Ear-Clogging Underwater Photography of Cristiana Apostol

Cristiana Apostol (30) is a Romanian Bucharest-based photographer, cinematographer and illustrator whose main area of expertise is underwater photography. She started shooting under water back in 2009, and since then her technique evolved with “passion and stubbornness”, turning the usual underwater photography in almost painting-like works of art. She recently participated with an exhibition at […]

The Surgical, Mathematical Symmetry of Stefan Neagu’s Photography

Ștefan Neagu is a Romanian photographer (with a medicine school background) whose multiple exposure (some of them almost brain-twisting) artworks cover a large range of themes and subjects: architectural contemporary pieces, urban abstract, dancing dynamics, feminine portraiture and breathtaking nudity. He considers himself a simple “photographer playing with light”, as he uses the light to capture the […]

Girl Poses in Deep, Meaningful Pictures, Then Trolls Herself

Larrsia Danilov, Romania-based writer and caricaturist, guest on Cultartes Magazine, takes the “making fun of oneself” idea to a whole new level of “trollness”. She poses as a goth-like, depressive, deep-thinking model in a series of semi-dark photographs, as many other girls before her. But then, the unexpected hits us: she trolls herself by turning […]

“Kittens can be sarcastic too!” says Romanian illustrator

[ENG] Meow and Meuw are cats and they’re twins. They love to ask themselves existential questions, and also to give answers in their own cynical way. As a matter of fact, Meow’s the one with the useless questions, and Meuw, the bored-to-death-one, answers only to get away and probably just to sleep some more.