Cu Alte Cuvinte, Muzică: Orkid

Orkid este un trio cu influențe post-rock, shoegaze si post-punk compus din Vlad Ilicevici – chitară și voce, Radu Pop – percuție și Andrei Tănase – chitară bass. Cei trei plănuiesc să își înregistreze primul lor album în vară, după aproape un an de lucru. Track-urile care vor forma primul LP au la baza idei, […]

When Metal Wears Prada. Interview with Jón Aldará (Hamferð)

Hamferð is a doom metal band based in Tórshavn. Hamferð [Ham:fer] is a Faroese term for the living images of sailors appearing before their loved ones. Formed in 2008, the creative ensemble, dressed in funeral black, has followed their own enigmatic and courageous trail. Having been on numerous tours with bands like Amorphis, Moonsorrow and Týr […]

“Tom Tom”: A Story About Holy Fuck And Romanians

Holy Fuck! This guys made a video in Romania, after they had a nap for about six years. Back in February, Holy Fuck announced a new album called “Congrats”. Well, congrats! The video… It is a brief description of life at East of Europe, but in a funnier manner, without much mockery. Not much, but quite obvious. […]

What does it mean to be a rookie in the visual art field in Romania? (II)

Last time, I wrote about the first things you need, if you want to start your journey within the art field, passion and talent. Today, I will write about the other two categories, courage and work and a flexible and responsible spirit. I marked a few points about the last two categories in the previous […]

What does it mean to be a rookie in the visual art field in Romania? (I)

I wanted to write an article or more about what you have to do to start a career in art, in Romania, for a long time. Since now I have the opportunity to do so, I thought I should start. In my opinion, if you want to start this journey you need to work around three […]

We Singing Colors Launched New Single & Video – ‘Bridal Hands’

We Singing Colors launched Bridal Hands, the first single from the upcoming album. The song was released with a video filmed in some of the oldest mountains in Romania. Macin Mountains were the perfect setting: “We wanted a variety of landscapes, to feel it as a journey. The guys we worked with came up with […]

Cultartes Features: ‘Contrasts’ New Photo-Series by Alexandra Jitariuc

Alexandra Jitariuc (25) is a Romanian Bucharest-based freelance photographer who explores the profound idea of connectedness by highlighting the relationship between a person and its surroundings. In her latest series (Cities, Urban Vegetations) her models become part of the environment. Their privacy ceases to exist, exposing subject’s true nature, personality and emotions, while the artist’s inner feelings pour all […]

This Guy Handcrafts Thrilling Medieval “Plague” Masks for An Eventual Post-Apocalyptic Era

Romanian artisan Vasilache Pavel is bringing back the horror of Middle-Ages’ ‘Black Death’ by handcrafting these creepy-ass leather masks. For those who don’t know, in the 14th century Europe, there was this epidemic – the so-called plague (or bubonic plague). The “plague doctors” who were daring to treat the diseased had to wear these scary beaked […]

Probably the Most Wonderful Bookstore from Eastern Europe Was Just Opened in Bucharest

Bucharest’s Old Town is definitely the best place to be at these days. A brand new stunning bookstore named Cărturești Carusel has opened its doors to the curious ones. As expected, the six levels of the elegant space are already stuffed with books. But, as you already might have guessed, Carusel isn’t just a bookstore and it […]

Just fools can regret this! Interview Matti from Baulta (FIN)

Baldo, Cultartes: Hello, Matti! I would describe Baulta music as an ethereal world created through the poetic imagination, a majestic place capable to illuminate the entire Universe. As if there is no home, no human being at all, this pure music reveals a new existence we all can be a part of it. How do […]

Interview with Vulture Industries

Baldo, Cultartes: Let’s talk a little about your concert with Arcturus in Helsinki on February 7th. The present’s one should expect something special, something new from you? Tor Helge: We probably won’t play any new material that night, but we do plan to take out and wipe the dust off a couple of songs that […]

Negură Bunget – “TĂU” or The Detachment Album

TĂU. The name of this album, among other aspects, is highly related to the settlement of the same name, of a virginal and absolutely stunning beauty, located somewhere in Alba County (Romania). Negură Bunget has always formed a blend of nature, spirit and traditions. They worked free of the abstract plan and preferred to establish […]

The New Christmassy Series of Portraits by Mau (Maria Căruntu)

We’ve already guested Maria Caruntu‘s works on Cultartes months ago. Her savage and “whiskery” watercolor paintings she creates have now a brand new flavour: Christmas! That pale red & blue contrast is giving you the chills only by looking. You see a simple illustration, but you feel a whole winter! It’s new and fresh, and the […]

New Works from Mădălina Andronic

The universalist Mădălina Andronic sings, plays guitar, paints and draws with a very rare passion for these days. The last time we’ve talked to her , she told us that the only reason she makes art is that she “cannot shut up!”. “Art chooses anyone, but there are few people who close the deal with […]

Interview – Basarabian Hills. Tales about Spirit of the Forest.

Shortly, Basarabian Hills is the project of one man, namely, Florin Fistic a.k.a Spirit of the Forest. Atmospheric black metal. Many would say that this segment of music is complete. Well, I am here to disagree! We can’t associate this ’’one-man band’’ project with something that’s already known. So, Basarabian Hills is neither Burzum nor […]

New Works from Anca Mitroi

In a previous interview for Cultartes Magazine, the dark-goth Romanian photographer Anca Mitroi told us that “death is a central theme for my works. It’s a ryot against the obvious clichéistic beauty, and a attempt to emphasize the hidden and grotesque one”. Here are a few new works of hers. Photo via Anca Mitroi’s Blog

Lamia, The Fakirs Who Come Straight From The Hell’s Darkest Nightmares

I’ve heard about Lamia before. The Ancient Greeks used to believe that Lamia was this beautiful queen, one of the many mistresses of Zeus, the God’s King. According to the legend, she has been transformed by Hera, the jealous Zeus’ wife into a child-eating monster, only after Hera killed all her children in the first […]

Interview with Duncan Patterson (Alternative 4, ex-Anathema, ex-Antimatter)

We are more than excited, and especially me because I am an old fan Anathema, or fan of the old Anathema, better said, to have you here for the Romanian public, as our guest. Baldo, Cultartes: And if we opened this subject, I’d like to talk about what we should think about Resonance. It is […]

The Walking Musicians on Lăpușneanu Street

It wasn’t the first summer this happened, and of course it’s still happening all over the world. But it seems to be way cooler when the action takes place at a stone’s throw from you. The past few months I kept going downtown with business, and twice or thrice I witnessed this. Some random guys […]

Photorealistic Pet Paintings at “Vasile Pogor” Museum, Iasi

Diana Mereuță and Mihai Pavel, two local visual artists, opened a Photorealistic Paintings exhibition – 4 PED –  at “Vasile Pogor” Museum from Iasi, Romania. The art exhibition presents a series of pet paintings, created after a technique know as photorealism, pretty voguish these days. The paintings are for sale, at negotiable prices. The exhibition is open 10 am – 5 pm, […]

Kubrick’s “A Clockwork Orange” inspired Photoshoot

“It’s funny how the colors of the real world only seem really real when you viddy them on the screen.” – Alex DeLarge We’re talking about a photo project inspired by „A Clockwork Orange” (1971) movie, directed by Stanley Kubrick. This film it’s nothing but a precious stone between Kubrick’s filmography , aswell as an […]