Madeline: “Anything That Makes My Eye Sparkle is My Muse”

Madeline is a self-taught photographer who inspires from your reality and thoughts. This is Madalina Chilici for you, whose pictures are nothing but emotional statements. There is extraordinary silence and unknown theory behind the characters; take a look and be inspired. Hello Madeline, and thank you for interest in this interview. Can you start off by […]

Each photo of Alexa Chira is Emanating a Sense of Isolation

It’s been a long time since Alexa Chira haven’t posted any photos on her Facebook page. But that didn’t stopped us to show you her work. Her photography is a combination of a dreamy, extreme, refined and delicate world. She pretty sums up it all. At first appearance, a garish glamour frame her series, but […]

Shot by The Bradford: Exclusive, Gritty and Raw Sport Photoshoot

Amsterdam based photographer and art director Christopher Bradford (Shot by The Bradford) is a genius when it comes to capturing beauty, emotion and atmosphere. His photography journey began in 2001 and since then he’s been featured in Nakid Magazine, Sticks and Stones, Last Daze and many others magazines. Bradford is also the Creative Director of […]

Crina Prida is Thirsting for Balance, Thirsting for Life

I was fooling around on Pinterest, always looking for some cool clothes and fashion style. This time was different. I searched for Romanian photographers and there she was. The mysterious Crina Prida. Living in Cluj-Napoca, she adds some of this city majesty into her photos. Her mostly black and white photos are full of intensity, […]

Brett Walker – Speaking Through Photographs, Not Words

Somewhere around a week ago, I wrote to Brett Walker, with the hopes of writing this article. I asked him to tell me a few things about himself, about his “accomplishments” within the art field, generally what does he have to say about himself as a creator, a photographer and as a person, so I could […]