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See Costina Purice’s Affinity For Composition in Her Newest Series

Costina Purice refuses to conform to one style, instead moving nicely across photographic fields. From abstract to portraiture, many of her works are fashion-focused wrapped with beautiful shades of light. Bucharest based photographer mostly plays with colors and it feels like this nonconformist style creates new ways of understanding minimalist […]

RALA: A Series with Raula Hutan by Marius Lupu (Exclusive)

[:en] Location: Bucharest, Romania Romanian freelance artist, photographer, Cultartes partner and hip-hopper Lupu Marius splits his activities between music, urban architecture photography, visual diary snapshots and kinky, raw portraits. Marius captures an intimate moment, placing the woman so beautifully and presenting her most delicate features. He’ll take you on a lunatic journey, […]