Alexandru Diugan Captures Vibrant Moments and Keeps Them from Being Forgotten

Romanian-born street photographer Alexandru Diugan takes the viewer on a journey through a set of vibrant photos. Alexandru’s images are quite intimate and filled with authenticity; you’ll see pictures of dreamy, outstanding landscapes and intense portraits. He’s one of the photographers who uses to capture special and important moments and keep them from being forgotten. […]

“Indeterminate music” by Daria Amaranth

Already familiar to her photos, we know Daria Amaranth likes to portray fragile and melancholic emotions, sensual and sad feelings, disturbing and confused ones. Her brand new series is called “Indeterminate music” and it has been already published on PhotoVogue, too.  Full of emotion and with a dramatic representation, everything sums up to a pure heaven […]

New Series ”Even if This Silence is Unseen” by Daria Amaranth

Daria Amaranth is already a part of Cultartes team; she just captured a brand new series named ”Even if this silence is unseen”. Already familiar to her photos, we know she likes to portray fragile and melancholic emotions, sensual and sad feelings, disturbing and confused ones. Daria finds inspiration from everything beautiful and meaningful. This series […]

Romanian Artist Michelle De Rose Whispers Songs Through Photography (Interview)

Michelle De Rose is a talented 22 years old artist, student and photographer from Brasov, currently based in Constanta, Romania. Michelle uses Nikon D7000, she shoots a lot of fashion, beauty and fine art portraits. But you’re about to find out more about her in the following interview Cultartes made.  Cultartes: Why Michelle De Rose? Is […]

Breathtaking Double-Exposures With A Feminine Touch by Miki Takahashi

Miki Takahashi is a Japanese designer, photographer, and filmmaker. Her projects have focused on creating layered portraits around distinct themes, such as ‘Smoke’ and ‘Nature’. Using a combination of digital manipulation and double exposure photography, she creates tension between the two realities she’s portraying. Although the person is presumably the main subject of the portrait, the second […]

Cultartes Features: ‘Contrasts’ New Photo-Series by Alexandra Jitariuc

Alexandra Jitariuc (25) is a Romanian Bucharest-based freelance photographer who explores the profound idea of connectedness by highlighting the relationship between a person and its surroundings. In her latest series (Cities, Urban Vegetations) her models become part of the environment. Their privacy ceases to exist, exposing subject’s true nature, personality and emotions, while the artist’s inner feelings pour all […]

The Stories-Filled Portraits of Dragoș Mitrofan Frustrate The Hell Out of Me

I’m a passionate copywriter, with a never ending hunger for artists and their works. I don’t see artists as human beings; I see them as collectable cards or poke-balls. And I wish I had them all. I wish all artists to be mine. Miiiine! That’s just a peek from my daily frustrating existence. In my […]