Emanuella Drăgan: „Am Învățat să Caut Inspirație în Răni”

Emanuella Drăgan este o tânără artistă din Ploiești ce realizează imagini de-a dreptul captivante. Nu știi la ce să te uiți prima și prima dată ca nu cumva să îți scape ceva din ochi. Eu m-am uitat de cel puțin trei ori peste pozele și picturile ei, toate au un aer ireal de sofisticat, iar […]

With Love! From Libby Edwards

Libby Edwards is an Australian photographer and artist living in Berlin for about 3 years; she’s originally from Perth, Western Australia. “With love” is a project that involves a lot of poetry. Woven with the bohemian scent of a naked breast, this series gives birth to a kind of nostalgia. If you’ve missed the opportunity, you’ll feel an […]

The Poetry Brothel and their unearthly world (III)

The Poetry Brothel the creative “Cirque du Freak” from America and continuously extending to Europe. We talked about what the Poetry Brothel is in the first article and continued with a presentation of members within the second article. Their movement introduces you to a part of the world which you can find mostly only in […]

“It’s a Good Mental Exercise to Try to Experience Art.” Interview with Ashenspire

“Speak Not of the Laudanum Quandary” is a harrowing, yet distinctly human odyssey through the absurdities and tragedies of British imperialism, voiced in an appropriately deranged sprechgesang by the band’s creative director, Alasdair Dunn. The band takes influence from the original approach to black metal found in bands such as A Forest of Stars, Dødheimsgard, […]

The Poetry Brothel and Their Unearthly World

The Poetry Brothel reminds me of Darren Shan’s book series “The Darren Shan Saga” in which the main action takes place within (as the title of the first book says) a “Cirque du Freaks”. What caught my attention when I read the books was, how the author mixed anomalies with paranormal powers. The story’s main […]

Oxana Lasco (Kohananeptune) Is The Crazy Rebel Against The System

Oxana Lasco (Kohananeptune) is the lemon from the lemonade. She’s the cock from the cocktail; almost overly sweet in person, and then she can switch into these characters when she is modeling. Intrigued by the power of images and the pureness of the human body, her work is beautifully frustrating. It’s like she’s trying to […]

Clothe Me With The Nakedness of Your Shadow. Julie Munier

  You can dress my existence, with the nakedness of your shadow, my dear! This phrase it came in my semi-poetic mind when I saw the Julie’s photo-journal, if I can call it that way. Shapes. Everything moves around shapes. The human shapes and their eroticism, to be more accurate.  Julie Munier is a very […]

Brain Records, by Alexandra Crisbășan (III)

“This is a project representing the fragments of conversations which my brain has recorded, during different encounters which I decided to write down. […] So, this is what “Brain Records” is; the story of human encounter, human communication, socialization. The story of all of them together as a whole. A story told from the subjectivity and […]

Cultartes Presents The Debut Album of Ulvesang: Ulvesang (Review)

Ulvesang (Canada) is a project that involves genres such as Neofolk, Darkfolk or Neoclassical. It is an interesting combination of melancholy and a sound that may seem familiar to those who appreciate this kind of music. It reminds me of The White by Agalloch, and the feeling is kind of similar, too. Well, there are […]

Lost in the Concrete: Sabina’s Double Exposure Photo-poetry (New Works)

The new works of Sabina Costinel, guest on Cultartes, made me automatically think about the True Detective intro. Her brand new photos are the pure example of combining urban stream art with symbolic photography. For her, the city, the metropolitan environment signifies not only a concrete jungle where our souls turn into white muffler smoke and […]

Tony Red vrea să facă un film porno poetic și tu poți juca în el

…Dar să nu te-aștepți la un sex în grup, pentru că nu o să se-ntâmple! În urmă cu o săptămână am aflat de undeva de pe Facebook că un tip care-și spune Tony Red căuta actori amatori pentru un „underground poetic porn film”. „A film about becoming many. About sharing ourselves through our bodies into […]

The New Album of Thom Yorke’s a Brain Flooding Deja Vécu

Încă mi-au mai rămas rătăcite prin urechi ecourile beat-urilor de la The Mother Lode, al 4-lea track de pe „Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes”, noul album al lui Thom Yorke. Pentru cei care nu știu, Thom Yorke e solistul de la Radiohead cu sinistră figură asimetrică și cu părul mai rar ca al meu. Tot albumul e, de […]