The Mind-Bending Erotic-Collages of Alexandros Raskolnick

Alexandros Raskolnick is a visual artist from Belarus. His works, sometimes surreal, are mainly compositions based on mixing erotic photography and retouching. The way his mind works, the approach in creating the collages has something fresh, intriguing to it. He usually chooses two or three random pictures with sometimes unexpectedly opposite atmospheres (for instance, a […]

Beauty Requires Touch. Portraits of Girls, by Bruno Maric

Bruno Maric is a photographer based between New York and Los Angeles, an artist “in love with faces, bodies, hearts and minds”. His portfolio consists mainly in portraits, an exclusive feminine side, in a perpetual try to capture as much expression as possible. His obsession with female portraiture is one of the reasons that determined […]

Those Who Fuck The Labels. The Normals, by Paul Kurucz

They say what’s normal for the spider is chaos for the fly. The same principle applies to Paul Kurucz new photo series which has as main subject the separation of standard notion of “normality” as accepted by society. “Most people are normal”, the art statement explains. “Some want to be different and follow the norms […]

Edith Novak – Projecting Reality In Your Own Way

1995. Bill Clinton “mistakenly” confirms that Area 51 exists. Microsoft releases Windows 95, the first major consumer-oriented edition of Windows. Ebola epidemic kills almost 250 people in Central-Africa. And, finally, the instant-cult, independent film “Kids”, directed by Larry Clark, sees the big screen. Starring prominent actresses in their youth, such as Chloë Sevigny or Rosario […]

The Cruelty of Her Beauty

Simone Ridi is an artist based in Firenze, Italy. His art is a photographic study of the flesh and the lusts that have arisen from it. He’s trying to intrigue you through a hypnotizing eroticism and I think he succeeds. At least to me it has this effect! Simon is a very talented guy, there’s no doubt, a guy who […]

The Photographic World of Nurjona Pinguri

Nurjona Pinguri is a sweet girl from Tirana, Albania, who made a passion for photographing the world around her. Our law student, namely Nurjona, tries through her own resources to unravel the photographic art, but also Latin and French. Well, we’re dealing with a very ambitious chick. Good for us! I went over her work after hours of browsing […]

Purveyor of Exquisite Photographic Peculiarities. Carmen de Vos

Carmen De Vos is a slow photographer. She registers, portrays and thinks up odd stories. She shoots Polaroids to frame these mental escapades, they get so easily out of hand. Once upon a time she found herself guilty of home-crafted mischiefs for TicKL, her English art porn Polaroid magazine. She never really got cured from […]

Dear Diary… by Miguel Triano

Miguel Triano is a profesional photographer based in Barcelona. His projects include skateboarding, surf snow and lifestyle photography. As you already know, we like to present to you the unseen face of things. Well, we put you face to face with the intimate adventure of this very talented photographer. In commercial terms, Miguel had a number […]

The Melancholy of Eroticism. Dave Bee

Eroticism is for many of us just a symbol of a vulgar, vile manner. Dave Bee tries through his photographic achievements to fit this form of expression and feeling into the elitist space of art. Can one find art where few only notice the obscene? That’s very easy, I’d mention, especially if you can see […]

“Kitchen Motives” by Aleksey Yepanchintcev

Aleksey Yepanchintcev a.k.a. Morose is a Russian artist based in Siberia, Novosibirsk. “Kitchen Motives” is an older series that has attracted our attention in a very special manner. You’ll sense a sort of romanticism while watching these nudes, who can transport you in a world full of fantasies of all kinds. Well, let’s take a look at […]

The Nakedness Of A Muse. Nicole by Justin Friesen

Justin Friesen is a filmaker and a photographer based in Toronto, Canada. In the film industry, he started as an actor at the age of 5. It does not seem too credible, is it? “When I was in High School I took a film class. I fell in love with filmmaking. I was inspired by the likes […]

Dancer In The Light. Marianne Haugli by Julie Pike

Marianne Haugli is the main character of this photo shooting and a contemporary dancer, model and choreographer; just like Julie, she lives in Oslo, Norway.  Julie Pike is an award-winning photographer whose works have been exhibited in national and international fashion and art publications, institutions, art galleries and museums. Julie Pike was born in Scotland in 1975, […]

Fade In-Out by Alessio Bottiroli

Alessio Bottiroli is a software developer from Italy, but his passion is photography. He works both on digital and analog, but he likes film way more when it comes to personal projects, which are often inspired by the music he listens to and the books he reads. “Fade In-Out” is a new dreamy, surreal series […]

With Love! From Libby Edwards

Libby Edwards is an Australian photographer and artist living in Berlin for about 3 years; she’s originally from Perth, Western Australia. “With love” is a project that involves a lot of poetry. Woven with the bohemian scent of a naked breast, this series gives birth to a kind of nostalgia. If you’ve missed the opportunity, you’ll feel an […]

This Is Not A Love Song, Part. XII: Larsen Sotelo

This is not a love editorial. Somehow, this wants to be a sort of an introduction into another world, where, love exists, don’t worry, but, in other forms, more rudimental, more vivid, more natural, without that tricks you are seeing, daily, on TV or which airs on the Radio Station, tender and sweet and namby-pamby shity songs. To be short, we are […]

The Sympathetic World of Folur

Chiara Cappetta has created his own artistic world. Folur seems to be a broken creature from another universe; one that takes place and exists just in shades of melancholy. You will get caught easily in this landscape and you’ll look into her creations to exhaustion. You’ll look and seek and you’ll find out her world […]

You Might Want to Take a Look! with Elena Atzori

Elena Atzori is an Italian photographer based in Rome. There is a dose of eroticism in her photos, but it comes with humor and it will make you accept them easily. Somehow, she takes a simplistic idea and transforms it into something that’s going to blow your mind. There would be many things to say yet “nonsense”, so let’s […]

Under Your Skirt And Beyond. Leonardo Glauso

Don’t tell me you don’t like to peek where you are not allowed! I smelled you guys enjoy to look under the girls skirts since… forever. Well, just for this fact and many other things we know, we have chosen to present you some of the best intimate, kinky Leonardo’s works. Leonardo Glauso was born in Florence […]

“In the Blue Dress”, by Lena Osmolovska

Jelena Osmolovska is a 33 years old photographer from Latvia who talks about innocence, solitude and delicacy via refreshing and eye-catching artworks. According to the self-taught artist, photography itself is nothing but an ample reflection of thoughts, situations and experiences that have deeply changed her. In the new photographic series, “In the Blue Dress”, Lena […]

Sarah Likes Pretty Girls And We Like Sarah

Sarah Bleszynski has a “bad” habit, sarahlikesprettygirls, as we all do. “Sarah Bleszynski´s work represents a refreshing honest pictorial of women made by women.” (source) Very true, indeed, but for me, this sounds more like a woman fight, into a boxing ring fenced with all kinds of subtleties. I won’t use big words, big words is for nerds; […]

Cultartes Features: Alex Lee by Bleeblu

Mark Harless a.k.a. Bleeblu is a portrait photographer based in Alabama. He believes it’s important you know he is not from there. He merely just lives there until new opportunities come up. Bleeblu was born in the Philippines but spent most of his youth on an island in the the Pacific Ocean called Kwajalein.    This […]

“Meet Me @ Ezra Cafe!” That’s What She Said

California native, “occasional gypsy”, as he likes to say, Justin is a Boston based photographer/artist. His works have a raw, wild appeal, which put you on thoughts, some sort of naughty thoughts, but still… After all he seems like a shy guy or a very hard to find or whatever. There are about a billion coffee […]

This Is Not A Love Song, Part. XI: Wladyslaw Pawelec

This is not a love editorial. Somehow, this wants to be a sort of an introduction into another world, where, love exists, don’t worry, but, in other forms, more rudimental, more vivid, more natural, without that tricks you are seeing, daily, on TV or which airs on the Radio Station, tender and sweet and namby-pamby shity songs. To be short, we are […]

Dana Tole: Varya is My Alter-Ego (Exclusive Interview and Photos)

We stumbled across the impressive work of portrait photographer Dana Tole the other day and have been scrolling ever since. Her photos are mysterious, beautifully processed and break the ordinary portrait mold in so many outstanding ways. Howdy, Dana! Tell us about yourself, when did you first started to shoot? How is your artistic style? […]

“Subiectiv în București” – Sneak Peek of Today’s Fresh Adult’s Potential

His name is Codruț Gașpar, but his friends call him Cody. I remember I used to make fun of him because my female dog had the same name, since at first we taught she was male. Leaving the joke aside, we were colleagues in Tonitza for four years. Initially we would skip classes together in […]

Andreea Andrei Exclusive for Cultartes: “Fuck Money and Fame!”

To be very honest and to say who Andreea Andrei is… is a complicated thought. She’s an art lover, she likes rain and the smell of it, she travels by herself to see Europe and to find her inner peace. She’s a cat lover and a wine drinker, she smells like Chanel (always but her alter ego […]

VSLO – The Most Complex Visual Arts Festival in Romania

In august 2010 the first edition of VSLO (Vama Under Oscar Lights) was taking place. From a simple photography festival, it became an international visual arts festival, which for one week each year, brings in Vama Veche, creators from around the world. I’ve been going every year since edition three. At first, I was just […]