Macaroni with Cheese and A Drop of…

Italians are often recognized for their own slightly sloppy charm, so to speak. Luisa Terminiello seems to be that kind of girl who probably would have preferred to be born a boy. We still find that femininity unaltered in her artistic creations, a tease that shows her face with shyness. Somewhere behind these naughty photos, as a disorder, lyricism […]

Our Kids Are Growing Up. Andreea Goes to London

Andreea Andrei is one of the artists we feel in love to and let ourselves captured in her spirit. But let’s not make out of this a cheesy love story. Mihaela is about to present her new Polaroid project in two exhibitions, in Bucharest and in London, UK, on July 21. That makes us really […]

Cultartes ‘Cinema’ Presents Friday Films by Chase Hart

“My name is Chase Hart, I like to shoot photos.” Well, this is a hell of a description. I’m not saying I don’t like those artists hiding behind their works, but, man, we are in an era of information. I’m feeling a little handicapped without info. Chase Hart is the figure behind the project named Friday […]

Shuffled Love: Chtcheglov Pinti

Chtcheglov Pinti is a photographer based in Lisbon. If we are to consider his name you wouldn’t suspect that. I personally don’t know much of his work and I have to admit that I accidentally found his portfolio. Well, I don’t like to  exaggerate with twaddle, so, if you want to see more of his works just take […]

Dennis Auburn Takes Cosmic Psychedelic Portraits

While looking for some inspirational photos on Pinterest, I saw Dennis Auburn‘s photos and I was completely amazed. Born in Mons, Belgium and grew up in Missouri, USA, he currently resides in Houston, Texas where he is a freelance photographer, who allows his wanderlust to take him where it pleases. The series, titled “Aura” features […]