The Mind-Bending Erotic-Collages of Alexandros Raskolnick

Alexandros Raskolnick is a visual artist from Belarus. His works, sometimes surreal, are mainly compositions based on mixing erotic photography and retouching. The way his mind works, the approach in creating the collages has something fresh, intriguing to it. He usually chooses two or three random pictures with sometimes unexpectedly opposite atmospheres (for instance, a […]

The Immaculate Pink of Prue Stent

Warning! Pinkness/nipples overload!!  Prue Stent is an Australian, Melbourne-based photographer whose artworks flood your veins with a fresh, pastel pink you’ve never tasted before. It’s like stuffing a ton of creamy strawberries in your face. The series I’m talking about right now, creatively called ‘Pink’, is one of Prue’s best series so far. Pink wax, […]

The Stories-Filled Portraits of Dragoș Mitrofan Frustrate The Hell Out of Me

I’m a passionate copywriter, with a never ending hunger for artists and their works. I don’t see artists as human beings; I see them as collectable cards or poke-balls. And I wish I had them all. I wish all artists to be mine. Miiiine! That’s just a peek from my daily frustrating existence. In my […]