5 major art

This Week’s 5 Major Art Fucking Picks #3

[:en] Art is the only domain in which you can play God without needing permission or resources. Art is the only domain in which asking for permission means hanging your spirit, the only domain in which censor will hopefully always lose battles in the continuous war. We are constantly hungry for […]

Retro-Synth Photo-Collages by Antonis Tsarouchas

[:en] Antonis Tsarouchas is a Greek visual artist currently based in Germany. Combining photo-manipulations and mixed-media with the tumultuous imagery of urban lifestyle, the artist does a great job at capturing the past-years’ TV fever on film and Polaroid. Antonis’ style can be located in between the ‘80s retro, synth […]

The Mind-Bending Erotic-Collages of Alexandros Raskolnick

[:en] Alexandros Raskolnick is a visual artist from Belarus. His works, sometimes surreal, are mainly compositions based on mixing erotic photography and retouching. The way his mind works, the approach in creating the collages has something fresh, intriguing to it. He usually chooses two or three random pictures with sometimes […]