Unsettling Paintings of Materialized Emotions by Ana Butnaru

Ana-Maria Butnaru is a painter based in Iassy, Romania. Her artworks, as dark as they might seem, bring to light a series of deep, thrilling and primal feelings – nothing with a hidden agenda, as we’ll find out later. The artists’ paintings are mainly based on the human subconscious and its perpetual pursuit to reach […]

Girl Crush: Warm and Feminine Portraits by Ana Santos

When I discovered Ana Santos on Instagram, I immediately knew I was having a crush for her work. No one can resist these beautiful, delicate and creative illustrations. Ana is a Spanish artist and not only does she handle lines apart, but her color choices are both warm and feminine, but also playful and free.  […]

Toni Mazuranic’s ‘Plastic Divas’ Criticizes Fashion Fake Perfectionism

Toni Mazuranic is a Croatian, Zagreb-based artist whose visually stunning painted collages touch both sensitive and taboo issues. One of the subjects is the perpetual pursuit of standardizing the women through plastic surgery and identity anihiliation for the sake of fashion. According to Atelier Home Gallery (Italy), Mazuranic’s mind-bending pieces represent “a variety of themes related to the […]

Vulvas On Canvas: The Bloody Pussy-Prints of Smaranda Ursuleanu

I had a chat few days ago with Romanian visual artist Smaranda Ursuleanu (20). I encountered what others might call a shocking first virtual ‘date’. I kind of get what I deserve, since I kept hunting for unconventionality for so long. Smaranda is one of those smart, wild, beautiful minds, eager to mess up with your preconceptions. […]

Roberto Ferri’s Baroquian Demons Introduce Us to Lust and Dispair

Roberto Ferri (37) is an Italian, Taranto-based painter and visual artist with a vivid obsession for the human body, demonology and the masters of Baroque. He finds his artistic inspiration in the works of Caravaggio, but he’s also influenced by the art of “ancient masters of Romanticism, Academicism and Symbolism”, such as, Ingres,Gericault, Moreau, Redon […]

Klimt: Sex Sells Well, No Matter the Century

I am not even going to mention the titles that sell so well in nowadays’ cinemas and bookstores. You all know what I’m talking about. If not, let me give you a hint: it’s all about kinky sex. Yes, the dark side of eroticism, those taboo’s we’re interested in and yet want to keep them […]

The anatomy of nature. Nunzio Paci.

Nunzio Paci is an italian artist who creates paintings using pencil and oil while his favourite subjects are plants and animals mixed with human anatomies. On his personal website, he captures the essence of his work. “My whole work deals with the relationship between man and Nature, in particular with animals and plants. The focus […]

Lana Newstrom Creates Art You Need to Imagine

Lana Newstrom, an artist from New York, sells to collectors pieces of art that are invisible to human eyes. Her art is about imagination. Her studio is practically empty, but art lovers from around the world are visiting it these days, starring for hour at blank walls. As Lana explains on her empty website, “just because you […]

Photorealistic Pet Paintings at “Vasile Pogor” Museum, Iasi

Diana Mereuță and Mihai Pavel, two local visual artists, opened a Photorealistic Paintings exhibition – 4 PED –  at “Vasile Pogor” Museum from Iasi, Romania. The art exhibition presents a series of pet paintings, created after a technique know as photorealism, pretty voguish these days. The paintings are for sale, at negotiable prices. The exhibition is open 10 am – 5 pm, […]