Redefining Self-Eroticism and Female Nudity – Tabata Roja

Tabata Roja is a 23 years old self-taught photographer based in Mexico City. Her vast preoccupation in the domain determined her to experiment obsessively with analog photography (lomography in particular) and even start formal studies in chemical photography. On Her Art Process and Aestethics “I am crazy about the idea of how the emulsion will […]

Johan Nieuwenburg’s Diary. 122 Hours of Fear

Born in Den Haag, Netherlands, Johan Nieuwenburg says he’s “from the place where hardcore is beautiful.” We can refer, as well, about the place he lives now, Buenos Aires; but wherever this place is, it’s a sure thing this is where he likes to call home for him and his photography. 122 Hour of Fear is his photographic diary, […]

“Voyeurography & Magical Realism”: New Pictorial by Suzana Pleșca

By definition, the oxymoronic expression of magical realism “tells its stories from the perspective of people who live in our world and experience a different reality from the one we call objective”. This, along with the nice wordplay of voyeurography are the signs that predict the idea of the following pictorial. For this new photoshoot, the kinky-visioned, […]

Morgvus – The Celestial BDSM Illustrations of Chris Devour

Some visual projects are beyond imagination. As Morgvus, this relatively old project of Chris Devour, a project that apparently is brought back to life. We’ve already met Chris, the inspired photographer whose incapacity of perceiving colors turned him into some kind of a super-photographer, by leading the black and white art to a whole new […]

Tony Red vrea să facă un film porno poetic și tu poți juca în el

…Dar să nu te-aștepți la un sex în grup, pentru că nu o să se-ntâmple! În urmă cu o săptămână am aflat de undeva de pe Facebook că un tip care-și spune Tony Red căuta actori amatori pentru un „underground poetic porn film”. „A film about becoming many. About sharing ourselves through our bodies into […]