From Sanity Up To Insanity Straight To Subtility

Ian Reid was born and raised in the heart of Brooklyn, NY. He’s been skateboarding for as long as he can remember and is the creator of the most epic skate video, “Sex, Hood, Skate and Videotape”, one of the sickest skate films ever made, we could say. Through his skateboarding, Reid has experienced incredible […]

Lana Newstrom Creates Art You Need to Imagine

Lana Newstrom, an artist from New York, sells to collectors pieces of art that are invisible to human eyes. Her art is about imagination. Her studio is practically empty, but art lovers from around the world are visiting it these days, starring for hour at blank walls. As Lana explains on her empty website, “just because you […]

Léa Seydoux through New York in Men’s Clothes is the Most Beautiful Thing

There are three things that should keep you in front of your desktop, if not impress you: because I’m an envious woman I’ll tell you about the musical momentum (Sparklehouse – It’s A Woderful Life) chosen by Glen Luchford, the short-film creator. Then, of course, Léa’s natural beauty. Thing is, the “New York flash” is actually […]