Get High on Synth-Pop Acid Eggs with Omelette

“Don’t cook it! Be it!”. Well, that’s a good piece of advice, Omelette! The new Bucharest-based band Omelette is one of those projects that pop up over night, without even noticing, and after two or three weeks they obsessively rape your ears or your personal playlist, and you start wondering ‘who the fuck are these […]


HAVE SUM NURV (Newest Unconventional Romanian Videos) will be here once every two weeks, to keep you up to date with the best (in our opinion) unconventional clips, music-videos or short-films created by Romanian producers or artists. Why just Romanian videos? Because we’re a Romania-based webzine. But as we see it, that’s just temporary (you […]

The New Music Video from Eyedrops Is So Zen It Sets You on Fire

Bucharest-based rock band Eyedrops just released their new music video – PREZENT – which is brilliant, zen and warming. Literally. The main character burns in his car. Until the second part of the video I lived with the impression that the Romanian band brought together Mumford and Sons with Jon Snow’s Ghost. Which would’ve been cool […]

Listen and Download the New Album from Romanian Rock Band Pinholes

Pinholes, Romanian alternative rock band, released their new album – “Era Pietrelor Neșlefuite” (en. The Age of The Unsmoothed Stones)  two months ago (on February, 19, to be specific). Recently, they also launched the official music video for the first album single: “Porcul Spinos” (en. Spiny Pig). The video was realized in collaboration with LUNO (the […]

Watch the New Dreamlike Music Video of Adanowsky Starring Stoya

Adan Jodorowsky (Adanowsky) is a French musician and director, but is more commonly known for being the son of the famous author, director and spiritual guru Alejandro Jodorowsky (The Holy Mountain, Santa Sangre). His new surreal music video – “Would You Be Mine” starrs the beautiful porn actress Stoya (if you don’t watch porn, you might […]

Watch this dude attempting and failing to fuck Mother Nature

  This music video just made my day. “She’s Bad” it’s a new video created by the French producer DyE and directed by Dent de Cuir. You may just ignore the noise in the background, which is basically just an useless disco song from the so-called electro legend Egyptian Lover (whom I never heard of, since now), and […]