Bill Domonkos Designs Haunting, Whimsically Animated Gifs

San Francisco-based filmmaker and stereoscopist Bill Domonkos creates darkly humorous animated GIFs. He resurrects photos with modern animation and creates almost completely nonsensical in subject matter and yet perfect in their execution. Domonkos’ affinity for working with vintage, black and white images adds to the curious nature of his work. Each gif is wackier than the next, presenting […]

Autodiscipline Wearable Jewellery by Oleksandra Gerasymchuk

The French designer created the most uncomfortable, bizzare, yet amazing jewellery ever! In order to start a discussion on beauty and discomfort,  Gerasymchuk designed a series of accessories  so that the wearer must adopt a certain position, often stiff and straight, in order to wear it correctly. Each piece from this project of three interacts with the body […]