M&M-around us

M&M Around Us & BKFR – A Photo Editorial by Lupu Marius

[:en]Take a look at the second fictive campaign by Cultartes’ photo prodigy Lupu Marius, featuring artist and model Melania Spătaru (M&M – Around Us), for Daniela Groza’s Be Kind For Real (BKFR) initiative. You can find more details on BKFR here. Full editorial here. Photo: Lupu Marius Model: Melania Spătaru BKFR […]

Thoughts on Lupu Marius’s Rare Gathering

There was an interesting, rather weird thought when I first heard about Marius’s event idea. Have you ever experienced that happiness-envy feeling? Well, that kinda happened to me. There was a huge fight taking place in my mind, from “wow, man, I’m so happy, proud of you…bla, bla, this is […]