Chris Mars – the musician and visual artist of outcasts

Chris Mars’s paintings had already been bugging my mind for a while, before I actually went one step further – into searching more about him, finding out who was behind those beautifully grotesque images. His work has been exhibited in USA and Canada (please, come to Romania ­čÖé ). Some of his solo exhibitions were […]

Eric Lacombe – Underworld Delicacy

Eric Lacombe’s work is concentrated on exorcising the material side of humans, on ripping off the flesh to gaze inside the darkest corners of the human mind. Melancholy mixed with sadness, anxiety and fear, are primary emotions of exploit. The creation of this self-taught painter is to me an underworld delicacy, because I think that […]

Laura Makabresku’s Work Torments My Brains Out

Laura Makabresku‘s ethereal photographs explore the finest feelings, the┬áscenery is one of a breathtaking beauty and┬áI feel like dying. It breaks my soul, the tragic gets under my nails and sprouts my heart. The one feeling that torments me. Laura Makabresku torments me. My hands are freezing and I suffer out loud. I struggle to […]

Takato Yamamoto. When Macabre Smiles With the Face of Eroticism.

First of all, we have to know that,┬áTakato Yamamoto┬ácalls his style ÔÇťHeisei EstheticismÔÇŁ, which blends traditional Ukiyo-e woodblock prints with images of bondage and horror akin to those found in modern manga.┬áSex and death are familiar lovers in YamamotoÔÇÖs works. A┬ácloser examination reveals a degree of finesse and imagination that elevates his work away from […]

Anca Mitroi fotografiază coarne pentru a-și transfigura realitatea

Gri ╚Öters. Psihoz─â. Perechi rigide de coarne ├«n toat─â splendoarea care ascund buc─â╚Ťi catifelate de piele. Nu o s─â spun c─â fotografiile Anc─âi Mitroi sunt perfecte. ├Äns─â fiecare fotografie pe care-o realizeaz─â┬áare o perfec╚Ťiune a ei. Una intim─â, solitar─â, ├«n stare s─â reduc─â atmosfera din jur la 0 grade. Dac─â printr-un absurd ar fi s─â […]