Fade In-Out by Alessio Bottiroli

Alessio Bottiroli is a software developer from Italy, but his passion is photography. He works both on digital and analog, but he likes film way more when it comes to personal projects, which are often inspired by the music he listens to and the books he reads. “Fade In-Out” is a new dreamy, surreal series […]

Ramona Zordini: An Undeniable Sexual Energy

Ramona Zordini is a photographer and visual artist from Italy. She explores personal themes of mental and physical changes portrayed trough liquid elements. After studying Graphic and Visual Arts, she started to teach Photography. Her works were posted on many International Magazines such as: Gaps Magazine, Hi Fructose Magazine, Bath Life UK, Zoom and the […]

Pietro Rotelli’s ArtZine is a Map of Creativity

A couple of months ago I started to collaborate with Pietro Rotelli, for TAZ (ArtZine), an Italy-based website. My job was to track down international visual artists and convince them to answer to 6 questions, which everytime were the same. I don’t really know why (maybe because I started to work for a local newspaper […]