Each photo of Alexa Chira is Emanating a Sense of Isolation

It’s been a long time since Alexa Chira haven’t posted any photos on her Facebook page. But that didn’t stopped us to show you her work. Her photography is a combination of a dreamy, extreme, refined and delicate world. She pretty sums up it all. At first appearance, a garish glamour frame her series, but […]

Why We’re So Obsessed With Ana Topoleanu’s Photography?

Ana Topoleanu was born back in the ’80s, in a communist system, spending her first seven years of life in a small rural village. Since she went on what was meant to be her first vacation, to Chile, her passion for photography grew even stronger. She now lives in Mexico and keeps on traveling and […]

Leanne Surfleet: “My Self-Portraits Deal With My Own Mortality”

Leanne Surfleet is a UK based analogue and self-portrait photographer. I see her work like a nostalgic beauty, allowing me to enter into her intimacy. The portraits make us connect to her work and share different emotions and states. The self is the subject she captures so well with expired film and Polaroids so we […]