OMFG Posters: Tomer Hanuka is the Badass Behind All the Greatest Comics

Israeli cartoonist Tomer Hanuka needs no introduction; an award- winning, New York Times best selling illustrator. His clients include Time Magazine, The New Yorker, The New York Times, Rolling Stone, MTV, Universal Pictures, Lucas Film and the like. In fact there’s very few people out there worth working for. His projects are a nice example […]

Jazzy Nights and Mysterious Murders – The Art of Dan Zollinger

The needle scratched the vinyl and the thick smoke hurts your eyes but you can’t look away from the silhouette of the creature that just walked into the bar. The neon sign outside flashed for a moment before she let the door shut, cigarette burning between her fingers, smoke tangling in her black curls. Suddenly, […]

Enter the Magical World of Illustrator Ioana Șopov

I assume many of you know Ioana Șopov works, but I reckon I found out pretty late (yet it’s never too late) about her. Freelance illustrator and graphic designer, Ioana is currently based in Bucharest, Romania. She works both digital and traditional media and loves trying out new styles and techinques. Looking at Ioana’s illustrations […]

Kerosene Builds an Imaginary Photographic Bridge Between Architecture and Mother Nature

“I’m just a knight from another world!” – Kerosene Kerosene (Rezi Gvritishvili on his real name) is a 17 year old talented photographer, painter and illustrator from Tbilisi, Georgia. He’s also a writer who creates his own characters illustrations for his manuscripts. His minimalistic and powerful art turns architectural concrete monsters in vital part of Mother Nature. His […]

Isobelle Ouzman. The Female Jesus of the Books.

Illustrator Isobelle Ouzman, it’s somehow a female Jesus for all those old, sick, forgotten books. She has the great power and inspiration to bring this books to life, again. And all this just using a lot of glue sticks, an X-Acto knife, watercolor paints, and a whole lot of love. Just like Jesus! as I […]

Morgvus – The Celestial BDSM Illustrations of Chris Devour

Some visual projects are beyond imagination. As Morgvus, this relatively old project of Chris Devour, a project that apparently is brought back to life. We’ve already met Chris, the inspired photographer whose incapacity of perceiving colors turned him into some kind of a super-photographer, by leading the black and white art to a whole new […]

Apollonia Saintclair’s Illustrations Say “Fuck You” to Your Valentine’s Crap

Valentine’s Day is not about presents or showing off. If it’s to celebrate it somehow, do it in the name of love. And the amazingly talented artist Apollonia Saintclair gives us a beautiful proof of how love looks like in the privacy of young lovers bedroom. Her illustrations strike the eye in a gorgeous kind […]

Trying to Impress an Artist is Like Trying to Lick Your Elbow

A few days ago, I was doing some research for an article. I have found, somehow, on iStock, the account of Elena Viserzkaya (Kassandra), an Ukrainian visual artist. She’s a “master of photocompilation”, as she states with a great dose of modesty on her Facebook Page. And, well, she’s right. I tried to start a dialog with […]

The New Christmassy Series of Portraits by Mau (Maria Căruntu)

We’ve already guested Maria Caruntu‘s works on Cultartes months ago. Her savage and “whiskery” watercolor paintings she creates have now a brand new flavour: Christmas! That pale red & blue contrast is giving you the chills only by looking. You see a simple illustration, but you feel a whole winter! It’s new and fresh, and the […]

Andrei Nicolescu’s Eye-Stabbing Illustrations

Andrei Nicolescu is a Romanian graphic designer and illustrator whose colorful digital drawings are practically stabbing your eyeballs. First of all, Andrei fantasize about human, animal and even zoo-antropomorphic portraits by distorting the realism to its core. He’s an obvious geeky fan of superheroes and not only (just take a look at his food porn […]

Paul Vîrlan’s Digital Cubism Fucks With Your Feelings

Paul Vîrlan already felt the taste of starhood with his kubrickian introspective Space Odissey, a collection of polygonal illustrations that seeks an interpretation for humanity’s end in a poetic fatalistic manner. The Romanian designer and illustrator, easily recognizable for his digital cubism, recently launched his own website where we can browse through many other artworks, such […]

Maria Căruntu Creates Cute Blushing and Whiskery Drawings

Maria Căruntu is a Romanian artist currently living in Iasi whose illustrations make you think about the old French books from the 80’s schools. Those times when people were barely inventing the zip and the vacuum cleaner. Those images with the teacher wearing a Stela Popescu styled make-up, and when the kids were learning to turn-off […]

From Coșbuc to Palahniuk: The Insane Illustrations of Lucian Lupu

Lucian Lupu is a Romanian illustrator, characters designer and advertiser, with a sweet tooth for twisting forms and figures in a manner that we don’t know where they begin and where they end anymore. The most interesting of his illustrated projects are based on literature, from which he selected totally different authors. For instance, what […]

“Kittens can be sarcastic too!” says Romanian illustrator

[ENG] Meow and Meuw are cats and they’re twins. They love to ask themselves existential questions, and also to give answers in their own cynical way. As a matter of fact, Meow’s the one with the useless questions, and Meuw, the bored-to-death-one, answers only to get away and probably just to sleep some more.