“Labyrinth” by White Cube Has the Right Amount of Ambience and Post-Rock

White Cube is a so-called secret side project from the creators of musicformessier and Eensdenkend. I’m here writing this because of a recommendation and I must confess White Cube music fits perfectly my mood. Released on January 16, this psychedelic ambient/post-rock makes me escape from this ordinary, misplaced galaxy. Irony or not, these seven songs […]

Erudite Stoner: An Acoustic Album Inspired by Ulver, Agalloch or Alcest (Interview)

Erudite Stoner (Erudite meaning: having or showing great knowledge or learning) is the creation of Matheus Novaes, a guitarist leaning on inpirations from the like of Ulver, Agalloch, Alcest or Les Discrets. A one man acoustic band from Brazil, playing with scents of post-rock, shoegaze, doom and classical quitar, in order to create this simply […]

Zoe Thomson, the rock kiddo

Pe puștoaică am descoperit-o recent, în timp ce rătăceam prin partea bună a Internetului. Zoe Thomson îi face praf pe așa-zișii muzicieni din ziua de azi. E o dovadă vie de „așa-da” a parenting-ului. Supranumită The Rock Princess, Zoe Thomson se joacă cu chitara electrică încă dinainte de a ști probabil toate literele alfabetului (de […]